Paste To New

This is a simple work flow enhancement, would like to hear your opinion on it!
Problem: when I need to slice a long sample into smaller fragments, it’s pretty hard to keep track of one’s progress

Example: (while in sample editor view) Select range, copy data, hit the “plus” sign in the sample list, select (and possibly, scroll to) the newly created sample slot, select it and paste the range…go back to source sample, repeat steps, but …aargh, where was I ??

If it was possible to create a new sample on-the-fly, whenever sample data was present in the clipboard, and available as the command “paste as new”, work flow would be radically simpler:

Example: (while in sample editor view) Select range, copy data, paste as new, repeat…

Very handy.


On a second thought, for a more time-saving option this can be implemented as ‘copy to new’, so the process will be: select > copy to new > repeat.

+1, for sure.

+1 yes

+1 for copy & cut to new

+1 for the modified concept of “[everything mentioned] to new” :slight_smile:


+1 (I’m new to this thread :P)


Good idea.

And maybe add “Copy sample” and “Paste sample” in the sample slot context menu, for people who don’t know shortcuts like CTRL+drag etc…

Oh yes, definitely +1! I think it would be also great, if Renoise would simply remember cursor position, zoom setting and selection of each sample slot.

My workaround for this: set the loop around selection before you switch to another sample slot. When you switch back, use “select loop” (CTRL+L) and “zoom to selection” (CTRL+ALT+S) commands.