Patch And Polish Your Favorite Song...

The idea is pretty simple:Pick any of your favorite artist’s s3m/xm/it/mod or whatever format… Convert it to a Renoise importable format if applicable and start patching it in Renoise.

I started with the Weather Girl from Radix
Original -> Polished edition

Who’s next?

i have nothing “old” like that, does it count if you re-do someone elses song? :P

the original version is not by Vvoois indeed

That is the main idea:pick someone else’s song. If you pick your own songs you get disqualifyed :P

Changed the line to make it more clear.
I just picked any particular song and sometimes i feel eager to jaw my claws in Mick Rippon’s old stuff.
(like this one

I’m personally pretty fed up of my old songs, i actually haven’t listened to them for ages and i’m certainly not planned to redo any of them.
So i guess more people have this with their own stuff, but anyone else who likes it might still be able to patch it up objectively.

Mad. I might do up an old Distance / Lackluster song if I get some time. Trouble is, many of them are perfect to begin with.

I dare someone to make Skaven’s Second Reality into a enhanced Renoise song. Not because I think it’d be especially difficult, but because that song is awesome.

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Intressting. The lead sounds fatter and the stereo image is better, its better produced but in my ears the harmonics of the original is better which still makes me prefere the original version of the song…

I think we’ll all just end up rating the song in the starting post, hehe.

Actually the main lead is the only major disturbing factor for me… This might have to do with my personal impression of the song though, I always had this mental image of a fresh and beautiful young thing predicting sunshine and some light summer showers on TV… But the constant vibrato or whatchamacallit wobbly effect on the lead brings this comic effect which for me is uncalled for, it sounds like something I might associate with underwater scenes. Instead of the analogue chippy type sound I would perhaps try a whistling sound or something, but it might of course lead to some problems with the tonal range.

Oh yeah, and maybe the guitar-thingy is a little too steely (“sitaresque” if you will) for me… I might prefer a more acoustic approach, but that’s just me. Overall, quite well done vvoois! I’ll see if I can think of a song I might want to redo, haven’t got time right now though… Oh yeah and I suck, so maybe I’ll just continue rating other people’s songs :P

If you go on that tour, then do it properly and start with the root of the influence which is this one:

You should actually watch the Desert Dream demo of Kefrens on an Amiga emulator and then watch 2nd Reality on dosbox, see how many similarities you can detect and who assimilated ideas from who…
Here’s the complete data-info:

About rating, I rather see some redos of songs instead of posting ratings, i not specifically aim to gather a collection of hall-of-fame pieces in a new jacket but ofcourse if you say most pieces are already perfect on their own:yes they are, but they play lousy in my car :P .

“pillow” by distance / lackluster ::

original ++ XRNS update

Anyone get to hear this one yet? Working ok in beta 6+? Anyone know the original?

Anyone else going to attempt reviving an old mod?

Yes i heard it, you only changed some effects and it’s aural spectrum did you?
Well, if it already sounds perfect enough in that matter i think it’s an okay patch.

Still waiting for Dufey’s Second Reality…
At least hoping he tries the attempt himself, but he sounded a bit chicken in his message by delegating the proposal to the wide audience instead… :P

after what i remember, skaven’s tracks are using lots of different instruments
on the same tracks, so it might be really hard to patch
up. but its a extremly good tune. so i am also looking forward to that. :)
another cool track i would like to hear a new “edit/master” of is
fishtro by skaven ->

found these nice tracks on the modarchive. :)

kaakaokone - gtaot (original)
kaakaokone - gtaot (vitaxin rework)

gammis & warhawk - den svarta natten (original)
gammis n warhawk - den svarta natten (vitaxin rework)

zpp - brain x-ploder (original)
zpp - brain x-ploder (vitaxin rework)

I’ve choosen an old track from Keith303, which i’ve listened probably a thousand times now. So Keith, nearly 10 years now and no final version? :P

Keith303 - Sulphate Supremacy (Beatslaughter Edit)

Original: click
Polished: click

I’m not 100% satisfied yet, especially the climax sounds a bit overloaded and the drums at the beginning are a bit dull.

It depends what type of instruments are used on the same track… if they are all alike but just apply a different swing or effect to make the track sound more organic, you can replace them all by one VSTI synth that performs these random dynamics itself.

Nice… reminds me of dune’s tracks (of which a lot are also cool)…s&view=2313

haha, i was always lying in the instrument texts ;)
seriously, a final version would’ve come if there wasn’t that hd crash back in 1998 which erazed about 4 months of work, including the “more advanced but still not ready” version of that tune.
after that, i never had the motivation to redo all the lost work on it.
thanks for the really nice edit tho - very interesting listen! check your mails, btw!

dune is (was) pure dope! i’ve always been a “fan” of his stuff and i’d most probably lie saying that my music wasn’t greatly influenced by him. i especially loved the stuff he did for orange demos.
he’s been a pioneer for his time and absolutely took “demomusic” to a new (more technoid) level.

The guy took a HD 1.44 floppy, stored some samples on it, then picked a magnet to hover around it and then attempted to salvage the result from disk and see what he could do with that in Screamtracker…
Speaking about sources for getting your samples…

i kinda doubt this. . .

ill give this a listen, now, well, the file isnt there.

Thanks for reminding me of this. I’ve taken a little time to update this with the latest version of Renoise (2.1 beta 3). You can download it from here:

Just tightened up the mix a bit…