patch for 1.26 is up

I’ve uploaded the patch wich will fix the low performance problem of the original 1.26 version. I’m sorry for the problems.

Curently, only the registered exe is patched. The evaluation Version is still the old (slow) one. We will notify you as soon as we’ve updated this one as well.

If you are not sure if you are running the fixed version or not, check if the “Build Date” entry in the Log.txt is “Apr 2 2003” !

btw : this is not a 1. April joke :(

dont panic ;) since only the executable changed since 1.26, there will be no problems when patching 1.26 (trial) to 1.26.2 (reg)

there are gui errors again, mostly when a filter is added to the fx section … then the screen is not updated properly :(

you might downloaded an old patch… it has been updated again after a couple of hours of first publishing this post… latest one should work fine…

Thanks for the fast solution, it seems to work fine now!

I downloaded it when taktik announced on IRC yesterday evening … I try again.

don’t listen to taktik, he’s bugs maker, listen to me, i’m the beta tester! B)

antic: couldn’t you just register ? :huh:
c’mon it’s cheap enough i think…

It took me 5 minutes and only 350 NKr to get a registered version. No need to wait. :)

Haha. Pathetic avatar :)

The patch for the evaluation version will be up soon. We just need some time to update our linked servers …

well, there will be more differences in near future so consider registering anyway… (besides, you’ll eventually encounter nagbox)

I’m sorry to ask this, but what is a nagbox ?

nag = badger, irritate
box = short for “message box” (windows message box) i.e. dialog window
so nagbox is actually a coined word out of these two.

free version shows it after some time occasionally to remind you that you are using version that is unregistered. also to remind you that license agreement doesn’t permit that.

registered version doesn’t do that. so, when you register you can work without being interupted as well as use other benefits (registration benefits)

Really? Too bad, it was a good opportunity.

Uhm… you know that was 7 years ago, right? ;)

Haha wtf! v.1.26 :D

Yes. I am surprised that they didn’t grab the chance. It could have started with a funny sound at the very least. ^_^