Pattern Arranger Suggestions


I was using Renoise yesterday and focusing on the pattern arranger extensively.

I noticed there are a few features missing that would be good to include.

Firstly, there is no “Delete Selection” option in the menu. When I want to delete a load of pattern, I have to do it one at a time and this gets me all confused.

Secondly, the wording of some of the processes is a bit ambiguous…


“Make Selection Unique”


“Make Selection Block Unique”

Confusing and when you read it, they are the same thing.

Moreover, the second one should actually read “Make Selected Block Unique” (nit-picking, admittedly)

Any thoughts?

I agree on the DELETE PATTERN, although cutting the selection does
the trick as well… To finish the job you could DELETE UNUSED PATTERNS.

another +1 for the DELETE SELECTION.

Editing long complex arrangements would benefit from the ability to remove every instance of a pattern at a swoop.
+1 from me.

Yeah, the “Delete Selection” omission is basically a cock up. Not sure why it has not been pointed out so far.

Of course, a one man coding machine can’t think of everything, so I am not having a go! What has been done so far is incredible.

OK, how does that work in practice?

What should I do, if I select a load of Patterns which I want to remove?

OK, just tested it, and it works…

However, as I am sure you know, “Cut” and “Delete” are not the same.

Anyway, thanks for showing me how to do it.


Am I missing how this addresses the point I made?
Not being sarcastic…

Oh well. Don’t suppose it matters much unless the arranger becomes more clip based.

Insert / delete one position at focus position = CTRL+insert / CTRL+delete
For doing this with a selection focus needs to be on the position arranger (ctrl+x), i’ll admit that this is not really a fast workflow but most work is done in the pattern editor itself, not in the song position arranger.

Yes that’s what i mean Ban.
It would be of fairly marginal use anyway.
God I’m so excited about a new arranger. :)

Would implementing an arranger intersect in any way with implementing “pattern instruments” or “instrument patterns” or whatever? Because with that the pattern editor (when editing the “top level” so to speak) would be an arranger…

Adding different views and ways to manipulate pattern data (arranger, score sheet, etc.) would then apply to the song as well as the patter instruments thingies… and you could do both separately/at the same time?

Maybe we could use the wiki to collect a list of “must haves” and “don’t, at any cost”… of both of these features, and then discuss this list? And then we just shut up and the Renoise team creates something that respects those cornerstones but otherwise is made up as you go along?

What I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to get it perfect the first time, and you can learn a lot by making mistakes, too. Maybe there could be a temporary branch to try out some ideas?