Pattern As Sequences

In addition to the thread Playing with Many Vsti At The Same Time, here is an interesting solution which can do much more than that: Play entire sequences as a single note with pattern command effects!

What if you can play Notes as Pattern, basicly
as sub-sequences? Have a look:

C-4 i01 0c30|C-5 i02 0c20|C-3 i03 0c20
— … 0c10|C-6 i02 0c30|C-6 i02 0c30
C-5 i01 0c30|OFF … …|OFF … …
— … 0c10|— … …|— … …
C-4 i01 0c30|— … …|— … …
— … 0c10|— … …|— … …
C-5 i01 0c30|— … …|— … …
— … 0c10|— … …|— … …
C-4 i01 0c30|— … …|— … …
(…some funky pattern)
The “C-4” next to the Pattern sets the Basenote for Pattern00.
Notice the “i” (instrument) next to each note, it means the note is using instrument[Number], the same as it is already.

Now look at this:

C-4 p00 0c30
— p00 07f0
— p00 07f0
— p00 07f0
— p00 07f0
— p00 07f0
— p00 07f0
Notice the “p” (pattern) next to note C-4, it plays the entire Pattern00 with all its instruments assigned and mapped to Track00. Because of the basenote C-4, it is not transposed and replayed in its original pitch. Also notice the commands next to the note, while the pattern00 is replayed as a sequence as a single note, there are still effects possible.

In a Pattern02 you could also Refer to Pattern01 and still add some effects on it

You could play entire sequences using a lots of instruments including sequences as single note, its like an internal sequencer inside Renoise, and again, you could use multiple sequences as one sequence.

I know there would be lots of stuff to think about, for e.g. the DSP chain/all Sends would have to be disabled/ignored internally and only activated in the last instance of the referred pattern (kinda like a BSP-tree), otherwise you’d get a very bad feedback because all the effects are added up and
the CPU timing would explode.

Anyway, just an idea which will never come true :D

Anyone? :unsure:

Yeah, this would be great.
It has been suggested before though.
Have a look in the pinned RNI Future thread.


all I can say is that the suggestion has been taken seriously ;)

hey, what do you mean?
That this feature has been seriously discussed before :D , or that the developers have taken this suggestion seriously? :w00t: