Pattern automation applies globally


When I try to create automation for one pattern it works fine the pattern, but it also applies automation end point to all track.
My current workaround is to use track command to turn off automation at the beginning of the track, but it seems like I’m doing it completely wrong.

Could you help me with it?

Thanks, have a productive day.!

UPD: If you know where it’s written in docs, please tell me.

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Can you describe what you mean by that some more? And how do you create automation, with envelopes, entering commands manually, recording slider movements, MIDI input?

With graphical automation that’s used to automate devices

so you make an automation envelope for one of the fx parameters on one of the tracks, and that creates automation for effects on other tracks, too?

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IDK, I’ll take a possible stab at how I’m roughly interpreting what this might mean(???)

I interpret it as if I want to fade automate the pre volume down on track 1 pattern 0 I can do:
Of course it is completely equivalent to:
i.e. the end point of track 1 pattern 0 automation (in this case -6db) will continue to hold across patterns 1,2,3…etc.

Naturally as we haven’t told Renoise anything else.

If I want to reset the volume to 0db at the beginning of pattern 1 then I have to explicitly tell Renoise to reset the volume at that point:
(Or I can write an effect command (LC0) at the start of track 1 pattern 1.)

But IDK I’m just guessing(???)


Yes, you are completely right. Thank you.

So it’s the only way to explicitly reset device properties? Still it seems like it’s not supposed to be done this way.

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