Pattern Command C2 Xxxx


Just got new MIDI toy and first hour after playing with renoise I noticed this:
If I change program from synth with pattern command C2 XXXX it doesnt refresh this program change to instrument MIDI properties.

It would be dope and clarify a lot of things if you could add this lil thing? :yeah:

cheers, cAMEL

ps. ideas & suggestions OR a bug?!
beginners questions mayby.

edit: This just came in my mind but mayby it is because I don’t have midi cable hooked from synth out to computer in? Cannot test this right now cos I have only one cable.

edit2: But still, even I don’t have other MIDI-cable I think Renoise should refresh this thing inside, not driving it to MIDI and back…

edit3: also I noticed that in instrument list MIDI (cha.1 PRG.xx) doesn’t refresh when changing with pattern commands…really confusing :blink:

It will refresh if the VST supports this, and as soon as you select the VST in the insturment list in Renoise. We had to do it this way to avoid a massive overhead when using tons of VSTis…

I’m not talking about VST i’m talking about pure MIDI data sent to my hardware synth.

Instrument settings -> MIDI properties

If I do a program change for my synth, I can change it from MIDI properties. BUT I rather do it by writing in pattern dat (C2 XXXX). AND when i change my synth program with pattern effect IT DOESNT refresh program value in MIDI properties.

edit: yes, with VST this works very well thank.

BUT im talking about MIDI properties program NOT vst instrument properties…

Okay so C2 XXXXX pattern effect -> hardware synth works but MIDI instrument program panel does not get updated to match these changes as well…

plans to fix it?