Pattern Command For Filter?

Hi new and very excited renoise user here. I’m figuring out the pattern commands and all the crazy sample mangling you can do with them.

My question is if there’s something like the 09xx command for the envelopes? So that you can program per note where the envelope starts, something like:

C4 ----- 0x00 (filter envelop @ start)

C4 ----- 0x80 (filter envelop @ middle)

If this option isn’t available how else would one go about creating ‘dynamic’ filter values? Are you limited to automating a filter DSP?

Currently, the instrument envelopes are not controllable indeed.
The Filter DSP should be capable of doing just as much as the filter-envelope itself when controlled by an LFO device, but because you can control a filter DSP from the effect column or from the automation window, there is a way to control filters from the pattern editor.
To control DSP parameters from the effect column instead of the automation window, read: (XYzz section)
how to control specific DSP parameters and how to control each specific DSP in the chain.

Ah that’s great. Especially like this part: “If you don’t know what value a slider currently has, right-click upon the slider and the exact value of the current slider’s position will be set into the track’s effectcolumn.”

Are controllable envelopes in the plans for a future release?

How much more dynamic would you need to be than the various ways of automating the DSP directly? :)

Well that, and the pattern commands and indeed envelopes. And finally there’s also the LFO device. A lot can be accomplished with the combination of these tools.

Not sure if any of this is of any help though :P But somehow it hasn’t even occurred to me that I’d want to automate an instrument envelope :P

Yes lots of possibilities available! It’s a very fine piece of software indeed. But an offset command for the envelopes would be very cool. Think about it: an envelop with various rises and falls and not to forget loop points. The amount of control you can get in the variation how each note sounds is huge. Of course this can also be done in an automation lane to a great extent but I guess I’m just a bit of a control freak :)


we will make a poll among registered users to decide which features they need the most. amongst the available features, a new instruments structure will surely be listed. this is my most wanted feature, but it has to compete with other people wishes, so I hope I have your vote :)

The only envelope that allows an offset control through an effect parameter is the LFO.


Great! I’m loving renoise :)

when will this poll start?? :dribble: