Pattern Command For Turning Sync On/Off Sample Propeties

dont know if this have been asked before

but it would be nice to have a command that could turn the sync in sample propeties on and off.

if theres a way to already do this please inlighten me:)

would be great.

Not yet, but in the meantime, you can just tune the sample so that it plays at the correct speed/duration with a simple C-4 note, then disable beatsync :)

If you don’t mind the re-rendering thing, and you don’t want to spend the time fine-tuning, then you can just render the beatsync’ed version to a new sample (which doesn’t need beatsync to be in time), and use that instead of the old sample.

Of course, if your song changes tempo a lot, then this could be a problem, and your idea would be nice for that.

The 9xx command sometimes still comes in handy in these occasions.

what i want is to be able to have the sample beat-synced but then sometimes have the not beatsynced sound come in,works great with some vocals sample,this have a great effect when creating mash-ups:)