pattern commands to turn on/off beatsync & set beatsync value

Oi, nothing in the category of sidechaining and pianorofls :wink: , but…

I’d like to be able to set beatsync on/off per sample and set its value using pattern commands. This to have more flexibility, experimentation (sound design purposes), but also be able to counter tempo/resolution changes (automating lpb) messing up the pitch of existing synced sounds.

When transitioning to a section in a song with more resolution, for example going from a lpb of 4 to 8, doubling the pattern length, I know I can duplicate sounds, double the beatsync value and exchange the previous note-events with newly created instrument, but this is tedious. Right now I use Moque’s lpbx tool which doubles the whole song & adjusts beatsync/effect values automatically, but sometimes you might only need a part in a song doubled, leave the rest as is for better overview.