Pattern Controlled Tremor/gate Xrnt

Using a method suggested by dblue where we edit the xml directly to enter more precise values than we can get by dragging the mouse when editing envelope/automation points, I made an xrnt which performs a gate somewhat similar to ImpulseTracker’s tremor effect.

LFO reset values of 01-0F set the volume gating to XX01 = 1LPC, XX02 = 2LPC, … XX0F = 15LPC. I supposed it could be extended beyond that, but I only made it for the first 0-F. A value of XX00 turns off the gate.

I imagine it eventually falls out of sync, but should much less than whatever values we were dragging. A velocity based LFO reset could be added as well.


0,0.0 1,1.0 2,0.5 3,0.333333333 4,0.25 5,0.2 6,0.166666667 7,0.1428571428571429 8,0.125 9,0.111111112 10,0.1 11,0.0909090909090909 12,0.0833333333333333 13,0.0769230769230769 14,0.0714285714285714 15,0.0666666666666667