Pattern description!

Would anyone else see this as useful? Even if sequencer is very easy to use and stuff, pattern are still just numerized. Could they be described somehow? For example button for descripting the patterns near of the sequencer, and then when user changes patterns, description could be showing for few seconds at the bottom bar of the program…? or something. :huh:

MP3 file opening as samples would be cool too :)

Pattern descriptions don’t sound like a bad idea. But more than that I would like to see a song message editor… If you count the posts I made about it in the old forum, this is probably the fifth time I’m mentioning it. Now I’m mentioning it again. Ok, thanks anyway. :P

There have been lots of posts about improving the sequencer (descriptions, grouping of patterns, coloring, making it bigger etc…). I think (correct me if I’m wrong here) that the decision was that if any changes are to be made, the way to go is to redesign the whole sequencer.

Agree!! It was there in Noisetrekker and maybe the first Renoise release and then removed because it was buggy. This feature is important and (though as a programmer myself I always hate people saying this) it should be very easy to implement. I think Taktik is just lazy… :P :D