Pattern Editing

Is there a setting that you can turn on so that when you edit a pattern, it won’t affect any of the other patterns? I know you can hit CTRL U but it seems tedious to do this every time I make an edit. Thanks!

no, there is no such setting, sorry… you always have to paste into a new pattern someway (one of which is CTRL+U)

Put focus on the pattern arranger (middlemouse click or ctrl-tab to it), hit insert button and create a whole range of arranger slots.
Go to the upper slot, keep lshift pressed, click the last arranger position then hit ctrl-U and you got a whole range of fresh copied patterns.
This is the quickest way to get a bunch of unique patterns.

what he would like is something like a “paste to new pattern”, or an edit mode which always creates a new pattern if the one being edited is not unique.

or just right click on the pattern you want in the pattern arranger, and select “make pattern unique”

Job done


Or don’t reuse patterns in first place.

Yeah nice one Kameleontti. Are you suggesting that people write every pattern from scratch?

Where would computing be if there was no ability to copy and paste.


Something I often use is:

  • selecting the parts in the sequencer
  • start dragging this selection
  • hold down Control + Shift (or Command + Shift on Apples) and drop the selection

Control + Shift will clone the dropped selection (make a unique copy) instead of copying it.

No. Repetition is as essential to music as variety is.

maybe a try:

  • write something
  • press ctrl + alt + shift + f2 (clone current pattern)
  • write something new
  • repeat…

If you want to use similar patterns don’t use the same patterns but a copy of them.

Get it?