Pattern Editor Keyboard/Mouse Select Cell


I am a bit confused. Based on what I am used to I would expect that left-clicking (button down, button up) into a cell will move the edit cursor into that cell, and drawing a selection would work like button down, move to different cell, then button up.

The latter works as expected. But a single click will only select a single cell without moving the edit cursor there.

I found a preferences option that says “Single click to set cursor in edit mode”. That makes the edit cursor move into the column that I have clicked, but not in the right line.

Is there an option to simply single-click a cell and move the edit cursor to it?

I don’t know if I understood you well, but you try ALT + left click. This will select the smallest cell where you click. Then with SHIFT + left click you can select that sub column up or down.

Anyway, try the modifier keys while clicking with the mouse, to see what happens. Try all possible combinations. Maybe you find something …

I just want the cursor to go exactly to the place where I click - not doubleclick, alt-click or something like that. Is that possible?

Each note row has the following 7 sub-cells:


If you click on any of the sub-cells, the cursor will move there.

In addition, you can keep SHIFT to enter several values on the same line, avoiding jumping to the next line.

Raul, thank you for your effort, but that’s not what I meant

Exactly this was my problem - it didn’t. The selection cursor moves there, the edit cursor doesn’t.

But in the meantime I found out that the behaviour I was looking for I can get by activating “Single click to set cursor in edit mode” - AND activate record mode (ESC). I simply misunderstood the option.

So problem solved.

Thank you nevertheless!

Sorry, I assumed that you had this option activated.

Right! If it were the other way around it would be a bit chaotic to use the subsequent selection with the SHIFT + click.

Yes, the issue is to understand well how it works …

I had - but I wasnt in edit mode (by pressing Esc). When you are not in edit mode, the edit cursor is moved to the column you clicked, but not the line, it stays in the same line.

As always :roll_eyes::grin:

I really don’t know why it works differently. I can only think of 2 scenarios.

  1. At first it worked the same as the corresponding state of the edit mode turned off. But it was later corrected for edit mode on, without correcting in edit mode off.
  2. Or it is a different behavior done on purpose. However, I do not see any advantage that with the editing mode off does not work the same as in the edit mode on. This can even make you dizzy. I suppose Renoise is avoiding the line jump in the edit mode off to make track selection easier. Simply that.

Interestingly, I am dealing with these things in programming my Piano Roll Editor tool. When programs you realize the amount of existing scenarios. Renoise really makes things quite easy, without the user knowing.