Pattern Editor / Matrix Blocks

first of all, MATRIX IS D0P3!!!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


and then back to bisness. I hope topic speaks for itself, what i mean:

If pattern is 40 hex long, block on arranger / matrix should be x pixels high.
If pattern is 80 hex long, block on arranger / matrix should be 2x pixels high.
If pattern is 20 hex long, block on arranger / matrix should be x/2 pixels high.

got it?

cheers, cAMEL


quick second though, would it be possible to make that tracks are not tied together, like:

track 1 could be 40 hex long and track 2 80 hex long which means that on pattern matrix track 2 block would be twice biger than track 1…

also, i would like to see LSDJ style ‘live’ mode where you can play track blocks in pattern matrix from different locations on song. not together hand by hand.

cheers, cAMEL

+1, this makes sense. There should probably be some kind of limit, for instance if a pattern is 16 lines long it shouldn’t shrink to an unmanageable size.

yes! this would rule.

Yeah. I would also like to see how short or long the patterns are compared to each other from matrix view…

Obviously a good thing. We had this in the list for 2.5, but it didn’t made it into the release. I can’t promise that we will be able to to this in the beta, sorry…

This sort of vis implies many “smart” behaviours, such as splitting a block over two patterns if someone tries to copy from (e.g.) a 128-line-pattern to a 64-liner with another 64-liner after it.

The mind boggles with other related goodies like pattern-splitting / pattern-joining, visualisation + manipulation of partially-filled blocks, dragging the bottom-edge of a block to “loop” it, as per Acid Pro.

EDIT: Cool, we already have Join … I just noticed this :)

What other developments are there going to be on the pattern matrix??

Not just for this version, but upgrades that could be done in the future which you’ve set yourself up for? Just wondering??

You meaning Taktik obviously…

you wont know untill theres a future beta :D

Well, try doing the version check in the Renoise Help menu (of 2.5 beta 4 ofcourse) and discover time travelling…