Pattern Editor 'Record Enabled' To Another Color

I like to use renoise very green (dr drips absinthe theme). The ‘record enabled’ box around the pattern editor is bright red. there is no way for it to be changed to another colour. this is lame, small thing but its a little annoying. it makes the whole theme look lame.

Why does everything has to be user customizable?
The color red stands for something which is “without doubt” and giving you a specific warning signal. You can call it annoying but for most folks this is logic and most expected.
I’m wondering how many folks would really want to change this part anyway?

er, -1 for this. just wear green tinted glasses chap. sorted.

well, I see no reason for not having this color customizable: it’s true that red is a color-code for alarm, but still there may be themes where red is not noticeable

red is the most logical colour for record i guess …its just a small request thing but red doesnt fit with the greeness of the theme i like for renoise. and yeah if a theme was really red it might be less noticeable and better to change the colour to something else in that kind of situation as well.


it’s supposed to stand out and sometimes red just doesn’t do that. since most people use dark themes my guess is that white would actually stand out more. also, customization is nice. :>

while we are on the topic of customization. would be nice if one could configure the colour of all the "–"s in the pattern. there’s no data there and i, for one, would like to have nothing there to make the screen less busy on the eyes.

will the change colour of ‘record box’ feature be included in the next version? just curious