Pattern Editor Selections, Like In Milkytracker

Hello everyone.

I jump between Milky and Renoise a lot. There are some cool features in both but sadly Renoise is missing some features that Milky offers and vice versa.
One, maybe the most annoying, thing is that I can’t select note, volume, panning or delay columns individually in Renoise by simply using Shift + arrows.
Actually they cannot be selected at all, even when using mouse/trackpad, only effects column is the ‘special one’.

CTRL + E / CTRL + B can be used for only note+vol+pan+dly OR effect column so it won’t do the trick here.
Besides, it’s just too complicated compared to Shift + arrows.

Here is what Milky does when Shift + arrows are pressed:
3489 milkytracker_selection.png

And this is what Renoise does with same keys:
3490 renoise_selection_currently.png

Renoise selects whole line in track while Milky “paints” the selection area where ever you want it.

Here is a GIMP’d view what I should get when pressing Shift + arrows in Renoise:
3491 renoise_selection_fixed.png

So my suggestion is that Renoise would get this same behavior that Milky has:
Shift + arrow up/down would select lines in current column, Shift + arrow left/right would expand selection to other columns.

Also, while I don’t think this feature would be too big to add, could this be achieved with some quick and dirty Lua scripting?

Yeps, a known wanted feature, has been suggested a couple of dozen times.
Currently Renoise solves this with tickboxes for each area in the advanced edit section to the right of the pattern editor. (rightclick to solo/de-solo select one of all)

what I hate the most of using the advanced editor for such tasks is that I always forget to check the checkboxes again when the operation is done, so next time I want to copy and paste an entire track or pattern, only the previously selected columns get actually copied, and I have to undo, check the checkboxes, copy again and paste again.

I am pretty sure that this a common source of frustration for the users

I am aware of advanced pattern editor. Using it breaks the flow and slows down editing.

While some people might accept clicking checkboxes to ‘true’ and ‘false’ as solution, I don’t think that it’s a correct way to do it. Not in tracker at least.
In fact any feature like this that requires mouse input just makes editing slower. A<>E menu is too complex and slow solution anyway for stuff like this. And it eats space from pattern editor.

It would be more logical that if I can highlight line at column I can also paint a selection on it.