Pattern Editor skipping down several lines when I input a note

Erm… What button did I press? Its really annoying… I know I hit something accidentally, but I can’t get it to go back to normal… It happens in my current project, and brand new songs…


Did you possibly change the edit step setting to something other than zero?

Oh that must be it… some how it got onto 4, and I when I switched it back to 1… I felt a lot better. Cool little feature I guess…


pretty essential feature to have in your shortcut arsenal imo creating rhythmical patterns:) . You want hats to hit every 4 lines, ctrl+4, every 6th line ctrl+6, while close-hats every 8th ctrl+8.

Definitely agreed. I use those shortcuts extensively.

I wondered how 2 daze j could have strode the forums, let alone use renoise, for so long without using this ?? :D
Anyway, to add something: there are two tools that together make edit step a calculated 123x more awesome: mine’s called EditStepTools and KMaki’s EditStepTweaks
They both improve different aspects of the ES;
ESTools makes shortcuts available to quickly set ES to x amount of beats (also 1/2,3/4,…) instead of lines
ESTweaks fixes annoying movement stuff, makes it possible to move with ‘Move to Next Row w. Edit Step’ even while ES=0 etc

I don’t know… It does seem interesting for rhythm though. So I will totally be more aware of it, in the future.


That was what i was wondering as well.
But diversity of people not using all basic functions in Renoise exist widely.
Being able to evade edit step for almost 4 years is a Guinness record though.