Pattern effect: Fine portamento / finetune

It is not currently possible to detune a sample with pattern effects, other than by using the portamento effects (U, D). Even D01 is quite dramatic when it’s only finetuning you want to achieve. It’s 6,25 cents and most importantly it is not instantaneous.

I would much appreciate a fine portamento / detune pattern effect. This is triggered instantaneously and only once per line.

Like in the XM format:
Fine portamento, E1x/E2x
Extra fine portamento, X1x/X2x

One would suffice, where one value step would be 1 cent perhaps?

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Perhaps this idea gets you on the road? (instead of using the LFO, simply apply the pattern effect on the macro device)
Owh and get rid of the inertia device if you want to remove the smooth glide.

My main practical concern that prompted my request is that the lack of detuning prohibits some LUA driven pattern manipulation.

In this case I’m scripting an “align sample to next event” function and would very much like to also add “adjust pitch to fill gap” in this tool. I can’t do the latter in a sensible way without having pitch control in the pattern editor.

Pattern effect finetuning can also be very useful when making chiptunes.