Pattern Effect Question

hi ive been using Renoise for some time now.
before i was using soundtracker (PT/FT style) ALOT in linux and saving them as .XM files as well as using Cheesetracker ( ST/IT styles) and saving them as .IT…(just some background about myself).
well my question is would it be possible to make a seperate area for Retrigers.
why i ask is because ST/IT style retriggers as well as Unweidly tracker (buzz) style retriggers have a lot of room to play with…as apposed to fast tracker style.
OR at least have a Renoise command that allows you to use a particular tracker command
(like madtracker does).
I love that fact that Renoise HAS NEVER DIED ON ME!!!..but all the Impulse tracker clones do…as well as BUZZ when im using Unwiedly tracker…i LOVE the HELL oUT of “unweildys” separtate area for retrigers and filters sweeps (like octMED)…(perfect for IDM and Breakcore)…BUT IT ALLWAYS DIES!!!.
i want to keep using renoise over the rest…it never kills my laptop…but i HATE the retriggers…i would love to have a 88bpm song with retriggers jumping from 8,16,32,64,96,128 and triplets of them all at will (IT,octamed,unweildy). :yeah:
i even got renoise working in my linux box with wine.
i just want to use ONE program…thats all. ;)

I don’t get what you are after and I also don’t understand that sentence…
Do you know that you can expand the command row in each track so that you can have 4 commands at the same time?

Of course, Renoise can’t be compatible with all tracker commands… That would be a waste of time to implement and probably impossible too.

since Renoise has been Modulaised from a code perspective and is STILL more of a tracker than anything PURE MIDI…one could write a section in the pattern area for a specific task.
there are lots of people in the world that still use every other tracker out there because they memorised it to death…and FEAR CHANGE…or the features differs.
imagine one machine that did it all…and more.
nothing is impossible…or a waste of time for that matter.
I just see Renoise as being VERY promising and a big future ahead of them. :drummer: