Pattern Effect Tooltip

I have the following effects on a line:

2F01 1700  

And a chain with several DSPs. It would be nice to have a tooltip if I hover over the pattern effect. Something like;

*LFO Device, Reset  


*Signal Follower, Activate/Bypass  

Or whatever, instead of trying to squint/scroll/count on my fingers.

The same principal could be applied to notes too, show the instrument name in the tooltip.


I would use the status bar for this instead: a tooltip would be too distracting for me

This is actually a nuisance i’ve been encountering recently too, so a definite +1 from me for the tooltips.

E: or alternatively on the statusbar…

Sure, status bar is fine.

Doesn’t even have to be mouse related, either. Positioning the cursor over some text could echo the status.