Pattern Effects: Retrigger + Slide?

Hi all,

Just getting into Renoise for the first time, having an awesome time of it. I’ve been making sample-based music for, crap, over ten years now, with all kinds of different apps, and I am amazed by the ease and flexibility of Renoise’s workflow once you get used to the layout.


There’s a familiar sound in Tom Jenkinson’s and Aaron Funk’s music that I cannot seem to recreate without a lot of hacky working around, and I’m trying to see if I’m missing something.

I want to retrigger a sound (say, a snare) using the 0Exy pattern effect, and at the same time I want to glide the “rush” or roll using another pattern effect:

Now, I figured what I’d get here is a retriggering sample that plays at 4x the line rate, which lasted for two lines and smoothly pitched downwards the whole time But instead what happens is, the 02xy effect seems to be “before” the 0exy effect, so it’s retriggering at the same pitch instead of pitching down.

Am I doing this wrong, thinking about it the wrong way? The only workaround I can figure is to copy the desired part of the sample off to a new instrument and then loop it at the desired length; then I could automate the pitch with either the automation envelope or with the 02xy command. But that’s not exactly the desired effect because it retriggers more slowly as it pitches downward.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

This is where note interpolation would come in handy

hint hint devs

05xx ;)

I know, but it’s not the same. You can’t achieve certain things with glide as you would with interpolation.

Regardless, I think it’s a small enough thing that it could/should be implemented. MPT has it.

I’m not sure if that was in reference to the original question or to a response, but the effect seem to have the same limitation as 02xx. :huh:


…gets pretty close to what I’m looking for, (it’s a cool sound anyways!) but it’s still not perfect because it doesn’t have the smooth downward pitchbend, it steps down for each pitch.


this is an interesting question. may I start with another question? Is Renoise the first tracker you ever used? You seem to have gone quite deep in its knowledge, greetings!

the effect you want to obtain is quite hard to do this way for a reason: the 0Exy command, each time that triggers the note again, resets the pitch at the initial precise note (in your case: C-4).

I have made a little example for a possible solution: download

first of all, I have removed the instrument number for all the notes except the first one. this technique is called “note ghosting” and allows to avoid retrigging of the volume envelope when a new note is played. This should improve the result in case your instrument has a volume envelope with a slow attack like in my example.

after this, notice how the value of 02xx command increases note after note, starting from 0220 and ending at 02F0 (0200 repeats last value, id est 02F0). In this way, at each row the note will be pitched down more than the previous.

unfortunately there is no other solution if you don’t want to demultiply the zone where you want to apply this effect, by using advanced edit’s “Expand” function and doubling the Lines Per Beat value, getting completely rid of the 0E03 command.


This is an example of the note interpolation I was talking about. Download

So far the only way to do this is manually (which can get time consuming).

Please add it.


To answer your question, yes, this my first tracker. My progression (so far) has been: Cool Edit → Reason → Cubase SL - → Ableton Live → Renoise (though I just got Renoise 2 weeks ago and haven’t finished any tunes with it yet).

I’m a longtime fan of the hyperfast breakbeat style and I’ve made my attempts at recreating the Squarepusher-type effects in all of these apps… I’ve spent untold hours in the shower and in the car considering what would be a convenient workflow for quickly incorporating some kind of reverse or retrigger sound into a recycled break using my akai sampler, and I will tell you definitively that there is no convenient workflow for this, even using ak.sys. So Renoise is filling a lot of gaps for me in that ideas that have been taking me a whole session to realize can now be incorporated into a tune in a minute or two.

meow’s solution is basically the same solution I posted above, and it’s good enough for my needs. I agree with meow, though, that it would be way, way more convenient if the ctrl-I/ctrl-L hotkey applied to pitch the way it does to volume/pan/fx.

Thanks for your replies!

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That’s why you should add note interpolation…

I reckon they’re automating DPS parameters to get that sound.

Note interpolation would be great.