Pattern Fx Quick Menu

Just noticed that the pattern effect quick reference menu (bottom of pattern editor) appears to be unsorted.

Maybe a nice GUI tweak would be to sort it by effect command (i.e 0Axx, 0Bxx, 0Cxx etc.).

This applies to both ‘Sample Commands’ and ‘Global Commands’.


I’m for keeping it sorted by topic. For example I/O, U/D should definitely be stacked together. You’re not really using this list to see what letter is which effect, but the other way around.

Totally!!! Alphabetic is nonsense in this case. The only tweak I would suggest is having the tips not sit on a text row like that but more aligned, like a table.
2666 tmpmockup.png
(it would also help if the codes could be in the pattern editors font or another monospace font.)

Ahh, I didn’t realise they were categorised, descriptions first makes more sense in that respect.

I like the mockup.


Yes, me too. The table is much better