Pattern Jumping

Hey there,

I want to be able to “jump to Pattern X”, but according to docs, Renoise is the only tracker in the universe without a pattern jump command??!?! :o

Lets say this is my pattern data:

 2 [jump to pattern 1]  
 4 [jump to pattern 3]  
 6 [jump to pattern 5]  
 8 [jump to pattern 7]  

Every * is a midi trigger point. But I’d like be able to loop patterns [1,2] … and [3,4] and [5,6] and [7,8] …

On stage I will be playing the guitar and using a midi controller to change ‘sections’. (maybe by foot)

Is there a way to do this?

Mick :)

look under Seq. Triggering

( you may want trigger or schedule depending if you want to jump immediately or at the end of the current pattern. )

Yep, that I can easily do …

However at the end of pattern 2, I want to jump back to pattern 1; at the end of pattern 4, I want to jump back to pattern 3. Essentially, I want to have multiple loop points in a song. Renoise only facilitates a single loop point via the interface. To my knowledge the loop points can’t be changed with midi or pattern instructions.

In every tracker I’ve used since 1992, Soundtracker/Protracker/Octamed/ScreamTracker/FT2/Impulse Tracker/Milky/MPT have a “Position Jump” (mostly Bxx) command.

Renoise mysteriously omits this.

So … I’m asking if there’s a workaround.

Look under “Seq. Triggering -> Trigger (or schedule) -> Sequence XX ->”
so for your example you want to bind “Seq. Triggering -> Schedule -> Sequence XX ->Sequence 01 [trigger]” and “… -> Sequence 03 [trigger]” and press the MIDI commands sometime during playback of pattern 2 and 4

As for looping you want to turn on the pattern looping (comma) - you can also bind this to MIDI of course.

Infact for your example why not combine 1&2 and 3&4 into 2 double length patterns and turn pattern looping on and off by MIDI? but for more complex setups than that example, try what I’ve mentioned.

The pattern jump in the past was a solution to circumvent lack of memory while this today no longer is an issue.
Renoise supports the pattern-break command (FBxx) but when it regards jumping to specific other patterns, it is simply assumed you just use another sequence slot and add a pattern there.
Nothing much mystery about that idea and back then, Renoise was most likely not produced as a tool for live usage.
You can map sequences to your midi gear now as Radian explained, but as i can see when you are playing guitar, this can be quite ackward business as you would need a few footpedals to jump to specific sequence positions then…

Though, some possibilities will become available in 2.6 requiring you only one footpedal to do the same job.

Or for now: use one footpedal with extra buttons allowing you to change the midi-channel and assign different sequence loops to different channels.
This is still only one footpedal allowing you to program 16 different jump-points.
Still a solution where you have to practice a lot though.

Even though I probably wouldn’t use pattern jump that much I’m for having the option to though.

So, +1

I suppose I just want to loop sections, jam a bit … tap a button towards the end of a section and it’ll move onto another section. I want sections to be 2,4,8, or 16 patterns long and loopable - so I can jam on a chord progression for 20 minutes if I wanted to.

I suppose I could join the group of patterns into one section - is there a way to tell a pattern to loop forever?

No not in 2.5 yet. I can guarantee you there is a way to do this in 2.6.

Just turn on Pattern Loop mode.

For one pattern, but not for a group.
Also the loop-nodes are not midi controllable. I think Mick was aiming for a solution in that area.

Re-read what he said.

“I suppose I could join the group of patterns into one section - is there a way to tell a pattern to loop forever?”

So he was asking about a single pattern after joining together. At least from how I read that sentence anyway.

And you can tell a group of pattern to loop forever using the check boxes in the sequence list. Not so easy to set up with keyboard (although it is possible) and I don’t think MIDI mappable at all…