Pattern Length In Beats, Not Lines

Since the speed is gone and eaten by automatable LPB would it be sensible to measure pattern length in beats rather than lines? This way if I want to change LPB in the middle of the song the pattern would just stretch or shrink accordingly. Otherwise I always have to change the length manually.

Or would this be impossible because if decerased some notes already inserted could be destructed? Because this would definetly be more logical cuz renoise is heading towards beat-metering.

I wouldn’t mind a more musical measuring either.
But I think what you suggest will make more sense when the zoom feature will be implemented.

ps. I just saw an older picture I posted in the “speed” thread, that still seems good to me, as an option of displaying/quantizing the pattern:

Is there any existing application that performs size-changes of the score sheets with a command?

Renoise not only needs to know where a pattern starts or end, the songlength calculator is also attached to the patternsizes.

And the best reason not to take this suggestion into account is what you mentioned yourself: (unwanted) loss of notedata.

maybe I’m missing an obvious answer here, but what if the LPB changes in the middle of a pattern?

Uh that’s what I wanted this for. If I change lpb in the middle of the pattern I need to go resizing. Whereas if Renoise would calculate the pattern length by itself and change it accordingly then I would need no do this.

Maybe select area and then increase or decrease it to make that area different LPB, and automatically place according pattern commands to master track? Or hide them altogether? This would be like zooming, no? Maybe a warning if shrinked if danger for pattern data loss, or simply not allow to decrease under the point where note space is at minimum?

I would prefer my tracks to advance in sync.

And what if you want to set a pattern to 8 and a half beats?

Many sequencers use a format of beats:sub-beats for defining length. Maybe renoise can benefit such a format of beats:lines?

Personally I prefer it tracker-style, as it is now.

Pattern break if not static form of structure? Is there one anymore?

Why to limit it to whole beats then? Why not f.ex. half and quarter beats also?

And with whole beats you can make it 17 beats and halve the lpb to get same length. And there’s no such thing as half beat bar measure in music.