Pattern Length


Renoise always has a standard patternline setting of 40 .

I always use 80.

Maby it’s usefull :) ( or not) ;) to add this to the config tab so you can set when adding a new pattern howmuch lines it will have.


You mean for the startup when you start a new song?? Then I agree ´coz this would remove a workstep and the work would get a bit faster.

he wants a configurable standard length for patterns, which is indeed a cool idea.

If you need a new song with a predefined 80 rows pattern, just add a defaultsong.rns like that in Renoise folder and you’re set.

Maybe you could already add a set of ten 80-rows patterns to this default song.

Yes but the problem with this is that every time when tou add a new one, and if you don’t past stuff from other 80 line patterns the new pattern has 40 lines. Get it :D :D

So if you adjust this in the config tab, it wouls save you some work while making a song.

Any suggestions???

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