Pattern matrix background color

I think adding background colors to the columns in the pattern matrix would assists finding the track you are looking for a bit easier, especially when many columns are still empty and I know I’m looking for a “blue” track (bass). My song template is at 54 tracks so it require a bit of overview.


Does it really make much sense? As soon as you’re getting into full song territory, the slots will cover all space and no background will be seen. Only when you’re at the start or the end of the song…

I didn’t think about that case but then at least you will have the colors of the columns to navigate with, but it depends, for instance I have 2560x1440k resolution and my patterns are 128 rows at modest BPM so I have relatively few patterns, and I have also shrunk the rows as seen on my image, so I can actually finish a song before the slots cover all the space.

but it absolutely doesn’t make sense if there are bugs to fix or other nice features, I just toss it out here because everyone don’t like cake without sugar :smiley:

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