Pattern Matrix 'drag To Copy' Quirks

Spotted a couple of quirks on the pattern matrix, related to the drag to copy -feature (or whatchamacallit).

(my first ever screen caps on mac / youtube videos. damn that was hard. I don’t know if its my crappy screen cap soft that’s causing it, but the renoise custom cursor does not appear on the vid. It shows on my screen, though.)

The drag to copy -feature quirk 1 - No drag action:

  1. Make one unique pattern that has song data
  2. Sequence two instances of the same pattern
  3. Hover over the lower edge of the first pattern’s pattern matrix block that contains data so as to bring up the drag to copy -cursor
  4. Click, release.

The first pattern is uniquified.

Expected result (debatable?):
No change, since nothing was done (no dragging).

The drag to copy quirk 2 - Unnecessary uniques:

      1. Identical to quirk 1
  1. Click, drag to lower pattern.

Both patterns are uniquified.

Expected result (debatable?):
No change, since no actual change in song data (?)

[u]The drag to copy quirk 3 - Superfluous uniques?:

[/u]1. Make two unique patterns, the first one containing song data, other does not matter either way
2. Sequence them so that there’s first one instance of the first pattern, then several of the second pattern
3. In pattern matrix, hover over the first patterns song data block to bring up the drag to copy cursor
4. Drag the pattern over the instances below, all of which are instances of the second pattern

All instances within the area that was dragged over become unique

Expected result (debatable):
Since IMO there’s no real need (?) for separate unique instances, one could expect that 1) the second pattern instance is merely updated or 2) only one unique pattern is created, and instances of that pattern placed over the sequence area that is dragged over. The amount of unique patterns created feels superfluous.

But I’d like to hear the take of devteam and other users regarding this uniquifying business? Is this a feature (one could argue that it’s rather quick to create an unique pattern by just clicking and releasing on a lower half of a pattern matrix block that has song data) or is this just an oversight…?

Since the focus seems to have shifted towards the pattern matrix, I’ll bump this expressing no shame whatsoever. Bump!

Don’t seem to be able to repeat any of these on WinXP32 SP3.

First pattern is always shown as unique as there is no pattern before it to be identical to.

Did you have Automation? It appears this isn’t copied to new blocks with this shortcut method, so the first of the cloned pattern does not have the automation so is not identical to the one before it.

Doesn’t happen here. All still show the infinity symbol indicating they are the same as the pattern before.

Or are you in fact talking about the new Alias function and not the old Unique/Show Repeated Identical Slots? Actually it’s clear you are as can recreate teh last point from it, if you Copy Drag from the Master block of the Aliases, rather than one of the Aliases, it seems to make them into copied patterns, rather than aliases. But this seems to always be the case and may have been done as an quick way to clear Aliases…

I put in some explanatory vids. Hopefully they make it a bit clearer what I’m trying to say…

I think we are speaking of two different things when saying ‘unique’… I’m talking about the pattern number. As in there can be only 1 instance of “Pattern 1”, but surely, say, “Pattern 2” can still be identical to it contentwise.

Ahh. ok…? So this really is something rather different then…
EDIT: Did not have automation BTW.

AFAIK the infinity symbol only applies to the matrix block, or the ‘PatternTrack’. AND they imply that the CONTENT is indeed the same. But the patterns are still ‘uniquified’, which shows up in my vid.

It’s not really that either, what I’m talking about. But the terms are kinda loose here, and I wasn’t really clear. So I tried to make videos to show my point.