Pattern Matrix : Is It Possible To Default Single Click To Double Clic


I use the pattern matrix to navigate in my song and I’m annoyed by the fact that I have to double click a pattern to be able to edit it.
Sometimes I single click and end up editing the wrong pattern.

Is it possible to change this behaviour or do I have to look into scripting ?



First click changes track, second the pattern. I don’t think there is any way to change this as I’ve tried the different single click type options.

You have reminded me of a slight niggle though!

Double clicking from Pattern Editor does not change the Selected block to the new selection, but leaves it in the old block. You have to then click on it again, and as you may of navigated to a different pattern you can not even try to triple-click.

Nope. That’s the first thing I tested before making this post.

The pattern matrix is, like any element in Renoise, subject to mouse/keyboard focus rules

I think you want to try disabling “lock keyboard focus” from the view menu, and see if that works for you.
It means that every element becomes accessible with a single click.

Still need to double click. You have to if Matrix is already in focus. The setting mentioned by Jenoki above would be a good candidate for affecting it but it does not.

Or if you were replying to me I always have Lock Focus Off and that is not the issue.

Don’t think so. Think he wants single click to navigate through the patterns, rather than just through the tracks.


Anyway, even though it’s something else, I like the Lock Keyboard Focus option.

Thanks guys