Pattern matrix shenanigans [infinity symbols in p...]

Probably another really noob question but i’m just (still) wondering, what these mean, how they get inserted, and why the left 2 tracks don’t have them…?

Also, in this screenshot the patterns being aliased TO don’t have a number in the middle. Sometimes that happens when i create aliases to tracks in these patterns. Still haven’t figured out why :blink:/> :wacko:/> :huh:/>

(btw, this bug with smileys :o/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/> on the message board gets annoying)

The infinity symbol indicates that the contents of that track on the previous pattern are completely identical are with those in the same track on the indicated pattern.
Changing contents in tracks with an infinity symbol won’t affect the track in the previous pattern. Changing contents in tracks that have a figure will affect (reflect) the track in the pattern that the figure resembles.

The feature can be toggled on or off by rightclicking the matrix -> Show identical repeated slots

Apart from the infinity symbol, they also get dimmed more and more as the slot is repeated…looks a bit like a waterfall, actually :slight_smile:

Ok, another one, this time about highlightings on the master track:

What’s the difference between the pale and dark colored blocks? And why are the bottom pale ones marked as identical to the ones above, when the pattern data clearly isn’t?

(and yeah, i get what danoise meant by a “waterfall” appearance effect :D/>/> )

It is about the effectcommands used on the master. Not about the pattern data.

oh yeah, you’re right! thanks =)

I had a set LPB (ZLxx) at the start of those 4 patterns, which i forgot about - old tracker habits :)/> …but since i was alias’ing channels to these 4 patterns, those didn’t get copied - hence the nice waterfall i was gazing upon and wondering about :3 :D

+1 for mentioning the :)/> />/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>

I would suggest even stronger; if I would be allowed, I’d try and fix it.