Pattern Matrix Visible Tracks


Is it currently possible to select more than one track to appear in the pattern editor when using the pattern matrix?
I know it’s possible to show all of the tracks or just the selected one, but is it possible to select two or more?

That would be nice–to select all drum tracks in the pattern matrix, for example, showing them only in the patten editor.

Edit: By “sequencer,” I mean pattern editor! (Still getting the hang of Renoise!) :)

Do you mean that the “show only selected track” should be expanded to “show only selected tracks”?

That’s an interesting idea!


+1 to this one!
And btw that’s awesome that you can select the matrix data from different locations by holding down CTRL.


How about also having a mode where all “active” (i.e. non-empty) blocks were shown in the pattern editor, without them needing to be selected manually?

That would be a big step towards having “group tracks” or “track folders”… and that’s a good thing. :)

EDIT: Actually, if you also had “Hide selected tracks” + using normal Sends you’d pretty much be there.

ANOTHER EDIT: I was thinking of that backwards. All tracks are always visible in the matrix so there would be no real benefit.

+1000 for hiding/only showing a specified set of tracks.

I would find this fantastically useful!


Don’t want to destroy the hype, but HOW could this be done without track groups?

You can take the discontinuous selection in the matrix, Left to right.

Tracks 3, 8 and 9 are all selected (rough mockup):

Very useful as a quick editing tool.

Once again a great mockup, Ledger. And yes, very, very useful - and simple.
A positive side effect for the devs: It would probably relieve the pressure for proper track groups.