Pattern Matrix


When the open window labeled “patern matrix” that it is not possible to close the hot key. And when you open the “pater matrix” tag remains on the window that the patterns are not very prevents quick work. Can I do this as a setup?

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Well, then it’s not your English but Google’s lousy interpretation of what you asked him to translate for you to english.

The hotkey for the matrix’s visibility is the minus key on the upper number row of your keyboard. It displays and hides the matrix.
Switching between the matrix and pattern editor is done by:
shift-esc to jump to the matrix area
esc to jump back to the pattern editor.

You can change this in the keyboard assignments by entering "matrix"in the searchbox on top of the assignmentslist, the filter narrows down all hits to shortcuts that relate to the matrix.


but just one

when the labled window patern matrix hot key dont work

What operating system do you use Renoise on?, Mac / Linux or Windows?
I don’t experience difficulties on windows.

win 7

I think he means the fact that there is no hot key to jump straight to the Matrix no matter where you are, only from the Pattern Editor (but I could be wrong.) Has been suggested it should have a global shortcut, like every other pane has.

global view presets?

Not the same though is it!


I have another question regarding the pattern matrix. Since version 2.6.0 I can only see one (the current) track of the pattern when the pattern matrix is switched off. Is there a way to get all tracks shown again? The combination of both is very practical for copy&paste purposes.


Ah, problem solved - found that “only currently track will shown” button.