Pattern Matrix

Sorry if i am reposting this topic again.

Well i am new to this, just wondering where is the pattern matrix? I can’t press the “-” or i can’t see the P<>M, help please. Here is a screenshot of my renoise.

thanks in advance

You can find the pattern Matrix in Renoise 2.5 or higher.
Your version is is 2.1 or lower.

You’re not using version 2.5 (or above) of Renoise…

because 2.1 is the highest version they can get from torrents… Please try out the 2.5 demo ;)

I suspect there are a load of 2.1 editions around on torrent sites pretending to be 2.5 or 2.6 ;)


Wait… what’s that web browser in the backround? Just curious ;)

only 2.5 version i found from torrents is 2.5 demo with an addition (trojan) :D

google chrome.

Renoise 2.5!
New trojan makes renoise suck!
Technically, it isn’t really new, but what do we care??

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lmao @ bro caught red handed :>>>