Pattern Maxtrix Confusion


A newbie question again.
I’m very confused with the pattern matrix.
When I play a song without “Pattern Follow” off, I would expect that, when I click on a cell on the matrix, the pattern view would show the pattern I’ve just selected on the grid.
But that’s not the case, it just put the cursor on the track, but on the pattern currently playing, not the one I selected.

Is there any way to display the pattern selected in the pattern matrix when I click on one cell ?


The pattern displayed should be pattern 1.



Have you tried double clicking one of the track patterns (the grey box with dots around it in your image)?

Double-click should do the trick! (Oh, it rhymes! ;) )
EDIT: acidfire was faster… …but didn’t rhyme… :lol:

Thanks guys! Will try this tonight when back at home!

to expand on the above a bit:
in Renoise 2.6, the Pattern Matrix used to ‘steal focus’ from the Pattern Editor. since most people do most of their work in the Pattern Editor, this was seen as a bad thing. so, this behavior was changed with Renoise 2.7 (try it yourself! download 2.6 from the Backstage)

a double-click in the Pattern Matrix now focuses that, as does Alt+click (Alt+click focuses whatever part of Renoise you click on, afaik)
alternatively, you could go View > Lock Keyboard Focus and uncheck it. that way, keyboard focus is wherever you click.

you have to remember though, that changing focus means a change in shortcuts etc. so, when you double-click in the Pattern Matrix, you focus the Pattern Matrix and cannot input notes in the Pattern Editor anymore until you re-focus the Pattern Editor.

Thanks Rhowaldt! Indeed, I had to uncheck “Lock Keyboard focus” for the double click to work.
Otherwise, I had to do a single click, followed by a double click to show the pattern I clicked on the pattern matrix.

Thanks guys!!