Pattern Navigation And Transport!?

i wonder if i’m blinded by my past impulse tracker experience, but I seriously don’t get how the patterns work. All I want to be able to do is to have the same keys set up. So I assigned F5 to start song. I had assumed this would start the song from the very beginning. But it doesn’t.

I have looked through the wiki tutorial and am completely stuck. Not even the youtube tutorials really explain this. unless I’m really missing something.

can someone please explain this?


Song mode starts wherever the sequencer position is at. If you want to start the song from the beginning, you press control or command key (don’t know if you are on Mac or PC) + the home key in the pattern editor and you go to the first sequencer position and then press F5.
I believe Renoise was more close to FastTracker than Impulse Tracker in that regard.

well, that explains my confusion… Thank you so much for the assistance and clarification :D
I am a bit surprised that we can’t start the song from the beginning with a single keystroke, would that ever be implemented? It probably wouldn’t be too hard, would it?


Too hard, no as a matter of fact, i have created the opportunity for you and you don’t even need to redownload Renoise for that:

Is it on time or am i too late?

Shortcut can be configured in Global -> Tools -> Play song from beginning (or something very obvious named)



ruh roh. this is in beginners forum… how to install tools? googled and it said how to for 2.6 but we’re at 2.7 …

nvm it works. drag file into renoise window

download the tool, drag the file into Renoise. this is the same in 2.6 and 2.7.
most tools now have 2 versions, a 2.6 and a 2.7 version. this is because of the changes in programming in Renoise, to which some of the coding-API needed to be adapted, and as a result a lot of 2.6 tools stop working in 2.7, and thus need to be upgraded.

Amazing work vV!!