Pattern Order-editor

Just something I thought about - a suggestion to make the width of the pattern order editor even smaller when having it closed. I realized now that if doing this, it doesn’t align with the top columns above (BPM, LPB, Columns), but it doesn’t align either as soon as you drag the width to see the names of the patterns.

Whaddaya think?

meh, I don’t care :)

If we’re talking about gui-quirks here, I’ll hi-jack your small suggestion and add another one, namely: the ‘advanced editor’ button.

It shifts to the left when you click it. Why not have it remain where it’s at so you can close and open at the same place?

I do agree with this, but, you know, it’s just so much easier using the keyboard shortcut. The default key is minus [-] on the main part of your keyboard.

Sure, I don’t need to open or close the advanced editor tab that often anyway :) , just a cosmetic thing.

+1 wanted to suggest the same thing some time ago

this idea should really be added.
(slightly) more pattern space!

Yeah, polishing the shining surface. Never hurts to move an inch closer towards perfectionism.