Pattern/phrase command control inconsistency

Someone explain why the pattern commands are at the top of the new phrase editor, when they are on the bottom of the regular pattern editor? The UI is inconsistent and confusing. It’s almost as if the controls were flip-flopped.

Same thing with LPB. We’re used to finding it at the top, but on the phrase editor it is at the bottom.

Keep up the good work!

yeah it feels backwards and is confusing

indeed, it should be placed on the bottom ; I guess that someone wanted the phrase editor to look abit different, so that you can’t make any confusion between the pattern editor mode and the phrase editor mode…

I think the functional reasoning behind the layout is, that properties such as basenote and key tracking are bound to the keyboard and thus appear close to the keyboard at the bottom.

I know I would personally prefer to see any phrase-related properties at the bottom and any tracker-related features at the top (which is how it happens to be).