pattern selection/playback question

I am interested in setting up a bunch of patterns and have them skip to individual ones throughout playback of the track.

It would be nice to do this randomly, though I would be happy for it to be achieved by choice too.

Any suggestions on how this may be done would be very appreciated.

Right click the pattern number in song editor = jump directly to that pattern .

You can’t play multiple different patterns like in ableton ., for that you need to delve into the phrases .

Keymapped phrases and Y command in mutually exclusive mode. Take care with note offs or turn off phrase looping.

I was able to jump forward using ‘ZB’ comand on master, though not backwards. See what I can achieve with phrases, thanks.

Thanks @oneunkind. that helped. Took some tinkering, I created a phrase that triggered a scale of notes I wished to use and by entering these notes in the pattern editor combined with Y command, I am now able to playback notes and chords randomly if that makes sense. I think I can apply this to much more now too.

Results :slight_smile: