Pattern Sequencer Menu: Duplicate And Make Unique

In the pattern sequencer menu there are the duplicate and make unique options that I often end up using together and I wish there was an option that does both at once with the same move.

I understand how adding such a redundant feature is unappealing however, since I’d really use it so I think it’s worth at least suggesting, maybe I’m not alone.

Here are the reasons why it would be silly to add such option in the right click menu of the pattern sequencer:

There are keyboard shortcuts for those commands, it should be easy enough to do both keyboard shortcuts one after the other.
Thing is, in order to use the keyboard shortcuts in this section I have to alt click there, select the patterns, Ctrl+D,select the new ones, then Ctrl+U… So this process involves the mouse already… which makes me kinda do it with the mouse instead… It’s one of the feature where I won’t use the keyboard short cut.

It would be redundant to have an option in the menu that does the same as other options
Yes, I know… That’s why I understand that this is probably not a good suggestion, however maybe there’s a way to do it somehow that wouldn’t be as bad… so I’m just creating this discussion in case anyone has a better idea.

This whole thing would be fixed if Renoise was able to change the keyboard shortcut automatically based on what you are looking at on the screen. This would be done by tracking the movements of the eyeball in relation with the screen, knowning what you are looking it… it’s possible with a webcam… a bit like some older Canon SLR cameras tracked your eye to auto-focus… we’re in 2011 right? Eye ball tracking via webcam should be a feature of every big softwares… haha I’m dreaming… but I bet we’ll be there in a few years.

I’m not sure I got this right, but… Doesn’t clone do just that? Duplicate + make unique.

+1 :)

ohhh clone…

you can delete this thread now…

except that the eye tracking thing would still be cool.