Pattern Sequencer: Support for Multiple Loop Sections

It would be fun if you could have multiple looping sections defined in the Pattern Sequencer.

Especially for situations where you are jamming with renoise, it would be nice to define several looping pattern sections that you can jump between.

I wrote a tool to do this

lua/com.neurogami.OscJumper.xrnx · master · James Britt / Neurogami / renoise-ng · GitLab

It uses OSC to define and schedule loops and to jump around patterns

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BTW, fair warning, I write tools to scratch a personal itch and often they are quirky with weak GUI stuff.

It works for James, so I sort of let things be. : )

I keep meaning to go back t all my tools , clean stuff up, do proper releases. But usually I just end up writing another tool. : )

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Thanks I’ll look at that next week.

Using OSC to loop-back control messages is a smart workaround.

All the same, it would be nice if you could simply ctrl-lmb or something to define multiple looping sections.