Pattern Sequencer

hi folks
wonder if anyone has a solution to the following:
my pattern sequencer plays through the sequences until it comes to the last one.
it does not then return to the first sequence but loops this last one.
any ideas how i can disable this looping thing?

Is the little square between the play button and pattern-indicate-thingy filled with grey? If so, push it and it will be fixed.

It has to look like this if you don’t want a pattern to loop:

yes i realise that. i have disabled the looping grey line but it is still looping. its weird i just can’t find the problem.

it’s not anything obvious. i don’t think!

In Renoise, you can make loops within loops within loops

1: You can loop a sequence of patterns, like in the image above
2: You can have the current pattern looping (check the button next to the play button)
3: You can enable something called a block-loop (just below the play/loop buttons)

Edit: but from what you write, it does sound like a type (1) kind of loop.
Weird. It’s not a stop command by any chance?

what is a stop command? at any rate i don’t think so!!

Stop command = F100. It’s when you set the tempo (lines per beat) to zero. Issuing this command will stop playback, and is often used on the last pattern of a song.
If it’s a stop command, the “playback position line” (green or white) in the pattern sequence should disappear. But it’s still there, and looping?

Entering either a F000 (set tempo to zero) or F100 (set lines per beat to zero) command into a pattern will cause the song to stop at that point.

Anyway, whatever is going here, it doesn’t hurt to familiarise yourself with the text in the user manual:

You might spot something you’ve missed in there.

I usually learn something new each time I browse through the user guide, even though I’ve been using Renoise since 2003 :)


yes there are no stop commands.
sorry i forgot to mention that renoise is rewired to ableton live. i am playing 2 loops from live. could that be it?

thanks i have already looked at the tutorials nothing to help in there.

Yes, it’s most likely Rewire that’s causing it.I am not very knowledgeable about that, sorry. I know there’s an option in preferences to decide if you want “strict” syncing or be able to navigate patterns in Renoise, maybe that’s of use?

@dBlue: cool, you use F000 and I use F100. Choice is freedom, man!

ok i quit live now it’s working, not looping. sorry for wasting your time. i have to go back to live and see what the problem was there.
many thanks again

Hey, I guess we all learned something ^_^ Did you try the alternative sync method (in Renoise)?

One less digit to input :)

Out of curiosity, did you start Live before you started Renoise? If so, that would mean that Live is the master and Renoise is the slave, which as far as I know would give Live’s timeline priority over Renoise, which would explain the weird behaviour you ran into.

If you want Renoise to be the main source of control for tempo and sync, then Renoise must be the first Rewire-enabled application that you load, followed by everything else you want to slave to Renoise, such as Ableton Live or anything else.


I can confirm that if Renoise is a Rewire slave then it will play the last pattern over and over again instead of returning to the beginning.

Presumably this is because Renoise plays the pattern closest to the song position in the Rewire master.

I’ve taken to always leaving an empty pattern at the end so that it replicates the behavior I would have expected (that Renoise would have stopped playing when it ran out of patterns).

i will start from renoise as master and live as slave and report back here later.
also the sync in renoise.thanks for all your input.

well i have been trying to rewire ableton live to renoise with renoise as master. checked all the tutorials for both and nothing.
it does not work. renoise as slave works but there are problems as i reported before.
any ideas? i have tried pretty much all the obvious things. nuthin doin

I’m lost. What is it that you’re trying to do that’s not working?

i am trying to use renoise as master and ableton live as slave.
i followed the instructions but no luck.
i am not new to live and renoise seems simple enough…
maybe it’s a rewire bug?

Actually I’ve experienced the same with Renoise as master and Live as slave. Live just does not get listed in the rewire device.

Where are you getting stuck?

  1. Open Renoise
  2. Put a Rewire device onto a track
  3. Select Ableton Live as the device type in the Rewire device
    4: Launch Live.

Live should be running as a slave to Renoise at that point.