Pattern Shortcuts In Preferences Menu

I need help to understand the various shortcut commands in Renoise, I try to teach myself the different commands and shortcuts to be able to touch up my workflow, but so far I have failed terribly! :( In the preferences menu, it should be possible to both look through and assign various commands. It is especially one thing I do not understand.

Here is my problem, let’s say I make a simple 4 / 4 beat, the notes are placed on line 00,04,08,0 C, 10 and so on.

If I happen to put a note wrong you should be able to move the note / notes with a keyboard shortcut instead of completely removing them and then put them right?

I checked the EDIT —> Preferences —> KEYS —> PATTERN EDITOR —> EDIT STEP. When I checked it says; Increase editing step Control + =. Decrease edit step-Control + + but it does not work !?.. I have tried to assign other shortcuts to get it to work, but with zero results! I´ve stuck and not sure what could be wrong? Maybe I misread the menus completely? Someone please Renoise soul who can help me, Best Regards /Rolling Thunder

Edit Step is now many lines you move each time you enter a Note, Note Off or Delete. Make it easy for entering the 4/4 beat you have above. Edit Step = 4 hold down your key for a few seconds and your pattern will be full up of kicks on every fourth line.

There is no way to nudge a single note as far as I know at the moment. What you have to do is, if you want to move it up a like, position the cursor above it, Hit Backspace (will move everything below the cursor up a line) move the cursor below it and hit Insert (will insert a line at the cursor.)

Thank you for replying on this topic kazakore! much appreciated ;) I wrote the example with the 4/4 beat to “illustrate” my problem, I now know the basic stuff in Renoise. The reason I Posted this question was that in ft2 you could move separate notes by pressing shift+arrow up/down (or something like that, dont remember exectly). But then again, Renoise is not ft2 :unsure: At least now I can stop thinking about it :lol: Take care and thanks once more B)

Pattern Editor => Insert/Delete => Insert New Row in Column
Pattern Editor => Insert/Delete => Delete current Row in Column

these two shortcuts do what you are asking, I think.

a little difference with FT2 is the following: in Renoise, a track can have more than one note column, but there is no “Insert New Row in Track” shortcut, which would create a new row in each note column of the track.

This could be added with a script since Renoise 2.6, though

Thank You It-Alien !!! That was exactly what I ment ;) !! This is going to improve my workflow alot :panic: Respect/Rolling Thunder