Pattern / Track Length

This may be a dumb question, but I couldn’t seem to find an answer in the forums - and I’ve JUST started using Renoise, so go easy on me!

Is it possible to have varying Pattern lengths or speeds on different Tracks? I know you can copy/paste shorter patterns into longer ones - so I could have 4 bars of a percussion repeating against 8 bars of a simpler drum pattern. I’m looking for a way for one Pattern one Track loop differently than another, with either length or speed.

For instance - I could have 8 bars of drums on Track 1, and 4 bars of percussion on Track 2. Is it possible to just have Track 2 loop “sooner”? Or better yet - can Track 2’s Pattern play half as fast?

I’m basically looking for a way to do polyrhythms and evolving textures in Renoise - Track 1’s Pattern is 6 bars long, and Track 2’s Pattern is 8 bars long, but each one loops after their own length - so Track 1 and Track 2 would immediately turn into a weird changing rhythm.

I’m sure there is a way to do this with automation or clever Pattern duplication and sequencing, but I was wondering if there was a simpler way.

thanks - looks like an AWESOME product!


no that isn’t possible that i know of. the shorter track must be pasted out over the longer one. so writing polymetric/rhythmic stuff takes a bit of work.

you could synch up two instances of renoise though.

if i would do something like that, i’d probably just program the pattern and the bounce it to a sample and play that in a loop.

another way would be to program your 6 bar pattern for 12 bars, and make your 8 bar pattern 12 bars (8/2x3), or something like that, at least until you end up with equal length patterns.

i do think that what you want might (in the unforseeable future) be possible using clips, which are (sideways?) discussed here:, and in other places as well but got tired of searching. so you might want to join in that discussion, if your point has not already been made over there or somewhere else, in which case you might want to just add your +1 :).

Methods to do so have been suggested many times and in my opinion this is the main difference between a true Arranger and the Matrix we currently have implemented. Hopefully one day soon…

Yes, definitely hoping for this to eventually make an appearence. Be it called Instrument Patterns or whatnot. BuzzTracker had this in 1999, Renoise can have it approx 10 billion times better, and it would just be lovely. I really wouldn’t mind having LPB8 drums playing and LPB1 synthstrings playing on top of them. So many possibilities.