pattern-window > vertical slider-bar

don’t know - allready suggested?

i think a vertical slider-bar in the pattern window is a must have! … it’s hard to scroll with the mouse or keyboard only!

cheers, Alex

yeah, controlled by mouse wheel.

yep B)

Yes! Be able to use mouse-wheel would be cool!

eh… I can already do that thing with my mouseweel… or do I misunderstand something here? But a visual slide would be nice anyway

right - the mouseweel … but scroll a pattern with the weel > e.g. more than 128 lines … a slider is more useful sometimes … ;)

Totally agree :) This would be very usefull


I disagree, I like that there’s none there right now.

F9-F12 navigate through a pattern very well, and I’m also a fan of PgUp and PgDn. I hate my mouse. :)

I also never missed it, but as some people like to use the mouse we could make it an option.