Patternlength In Patternmatrix & Bypass Checkbox On Minimized Fx


i just bougth the 2.5, am a new renoise-user (came from reason) and love it. i had these 2 ideas tonight however, that i think that could be usefull. in particular idea no. 2 is, i think, very practical and do-able.

  1. being able to see the patternlength (ie. 32, 64 etc.) in the pattern matrix.
  • i absolutely love the pattern matrix, but this is a little thing i ran into that i thought ‘that would be nice to have’. could be just in numbers i guess.
  1. bypass checkbox on minimized effects.
  • i also love the ability to minimize DSP effects, but i came into the situation where i just quickly wanted to test how a track would sound with a certain effect switched off, and i had to maximize the effect before i could do this. there is plenty of available space on the minimized effect to add at least a bypass-checkbox.

thank you for your feedback/attention.

ah, just thought of another one again, which i had in my mind a while back.

  1. could you make it possible for the drumkit-generator to start at the first key on the keyboard (ie. C-0)? i wanted to build a hihat-keyboard (all keys different hihats - used to do that stuff in reason with the nn-xt and randomize into hell) and had to do it manually… sucked a bit :)


I think you mean by this for each sequence line an indication of the pattern length right? (Not only the current selected pattern)

the idea with the bypass is realy good, +1

yes, exactly. but, thinking about it, i think it is quite optional… might be too much bloat-inducing.

while creating a fm-organ based on samples for each key, i came back to my 3rd point tonight, but found a 4th. This one might be possible, and i might not know how, but let me know, because this one probably gave me RSI tonight.

  1. being able to set the NNA of all the samples in an instrument simultaniously.
  • there is no option to select all the samples in your instrument (or i cannot find it), so you can never apply the NNA (and other sample properties) to your entire instrument. this is quite a pain in the ass when you just loaded up 64 samples and decided you wanted the NNA to be note-off instead of cut…

thanks again!

was browsing the forums, and hadn’t really looked yet before asking questions, but i think i see at least 1 of my requests named here already.

Point 2 and 4 have been suggested. For point 3 it has been suggested that the user should be able to se tthe base note, rather than always using C4.

Point 1 I think is new and a nice idea. Not sure where it should go and if having numbers on the column in the Matrix would look too cluttered though…

yes, that should be a good idea for no. 3, being able to decide for yourself where the ‘drumkit’ will start.

nice to know people are generally thinking along the same lines on these, and hope to see them implemented in a future release.

  1. Being debated
  2. In 2.6
  3. in 2.6; it’s a script
  4. also a 2.6 script

yeah i know :slight_smile: see the seperate thread about point 1, i mention this in my first post there.