patterns deleted from matrix after saving...

Renoise 3.0.1, 64 bit, windows 8.1:

I just saved a project with a pretty large sample base (770 mb total size) and after saving, the first 3 or 4 patterns in the matrix disappeared. After loading the same file again, they were restored, so it was luckily (omg, really, I have to render this project for the premiere tomorrow!!) not affecting the save file, but the loaded project. never experienced this before. I made a second save file after that and they are a bit different in size. I could attach both of them.

(Im so happy that this project wasnt corrupted, my last backup was 3 days ago which equals more than 10 hours of work since then…)

Cheers, ilski

PS still never got a really serious crash with renoise, much better field record than ableton for now…

Hm, I have no idea why this might have happened.

If you want, you can open a copy of your xrns files as zip archives and strip the samples (to reduce the size), then upload them somewhere…

But great that you noticed it in the first place - imagine overwriting a good one with a bad one…shudders

Good luck with the premiere.