Patterns/saved Lines At The Click Of A Button.

Not a number 1 necessary element that’s missing, but would be a nice addition to make things even more easy I think. I made a little mockup image to give the idea.

So the idea is simple, easily save lines so that they’re always there with the click of a button. A direct option to Copy, Paste & Paste Continuously the saved lines.
This makes things easier for exaple to people that use the 09 function a lot, they could select the first line of a track and paste for example a synced to 16 lines continuously on the current pattern they’re on.
Or easily preview a tune with a default melody you’ve saved, etc.

+1 ,

combine or exchange it with the renoise internal clipboard [alt + 1… 4]

Anyone else?

How about if the patterns were saved globally ?, so you could browse and use patterns from different sketches and songs. There’s also the matter of how its saved and recalled, like a pattern involving 1 column vs. 11 columns, lines per beat, speed, plus other factors I can’t think of at the moment.

Yep! this is, a very cool Idea!

When I saw the mock up I instantly thought, “hey! where is this hidden feature?”

It’s a nice supplement to the built-in clipboard indeed. Something I sometimes wish for, is the possibility to paste the same data into numerous patterns, and this would make it even better.

That said, I’m not sure about the placement - the advanced edit panel is pretty crowded already :)

remember me?

+1 for having this in the advanced edit.

+1 over here.


Still looking for some kind of easy pattern-save-function… :P

Wait for 2.6 and eat your heart out.