Clip Pool

In another recent thread, I raised the discussion of a static clip organizer (or clip pool, whatever). Sorry for sort of double posting this information, but I think this is good enough to qualify as a contribution to the “Tips & Tricks” section as well… ;)

Anyway. Here’s a video in flash-format that demonstrates this concept in practical action with Renoise. It’s pretty self-explanatory, so just watch it:

In this particular video I used this software (Windows platform only).

Of course, until we have a proper arranger and/or dynamic clips system as a native feature in Renoise, this solution is just a temporary work-around for the static clip pool idea. But at least for me, this kind of tool really saves me some time… :)

As you can see on the image above, in the menu there is this “Sheet” submenu. There you can choose among up to 20 sheets (all rename-able), giving you hundreds of slots to store clips into. There’s also a View submenu which works similar to Renoise’s own Global view presets (with 8 different presets to store). I especially like the sheet feature, since that lets me create different subcategories such as “patterns”, “drums”, “arpeggios”, “chords”, etc. In the configuration you see on the picture above, that’s at least 6x6x20 = 720 clips… and more are possible if you use the scroller bars.

Now THAT is really cool. :)

/me want!

That’s cool!

osx :(

I really want this…

20 bucks to have a registered edition…
Shouldn’t be too hard to create a Java or PHP variant of this…
Just a lot of work :)

That’s actually an interesting idea. Not so much the PHP part but rather a website where users share and re-use each others clips in a similar looking interface.

Interesing! Seems to save a lot of time, and energy.

Not only that, the Windows-only limitation is being smashed instantly.
Tables are easily made using tools like PHPRunner.
Then you can patch and spice them up using your own CSS themes.