Patternsequence Window Scrollbar

when dragging the scrollbar of the pattersequence window up´n´down while a song is playing it affects the playing position and generates random jumps. i would think this is a bug but maybe it´s not?


What exactly means “random jumps” ? Can anyone reproduce this ?


I’d not call this a ‘bug’ rather an annoyance?

The way the scrolling of pattern sequence interferes with song-playing makes it impossible to ‘live edit’ the pattern sequence, i suspect this is the cause the bug-report?(Correct me if i’m wrong).

It would be nice to be able to edit the pattern sequence while a song is playing(ie. the pattern sequencer shouldn’t be ‘locked’ to the currently playing position).

Also it would be nice to be able to ‘jump’ to a position by cliking on a step in the pattern-sequencer(opt+click is free), as it is now we have to ‘scroll’ to get to a point a different point in the song.

Yes, the pattern sequencer should get a “pattern follow” which should behave like the patterneditors “pattern follow” mode. But not now, as we want to avoid that new bugs pop up.