Paul'S Extreme Sound Stretch And Moody Intros.

Just thought I’d post this up here as this tool doesn’t seem to get half as much attention as it should.
Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch is a really great tool for taking sounds from just about any audio source (film sound scores are a great source) and making them into epic pads or interesting new soundscapes you can use.

So anyway thought I’d post up a little example of what you can achieve.
So here’s the original audio.

With roughly 10x time stretching you get something like this.

Add some effects, perhaps some snares with huge reverbs or a dark bass underneath, add some drums and a reese for flavour and you get something like this.

The drums and stuff were thrown in as an afterthought, yeah the mixdown is bad, sue me :lol:

Anyway hope that helps, it’s been a great tool for me, dunno what algorithm it uses but it sounds pretty good at extreme settings :D

yep, it’s great. The variable time-streth in version 2 is ideal for creating musical gestures. Use it a lot in my manipulated fieldrecording stuff.

Yah, this is one awesome tool. Used to make an ambient release / day thanks to it :ph34r:

The new release (PaulStretch 2) is reaaaaaaaally neat. Like… really. I should use it more often again.